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  Recommended Facility Management Books from Amazon.com

Life Cycle Costing for Design Professionals, Second Edition by Dr. Stephen J. Kirk, AIA, CVS and Alphonse J. Dell'Isola, PE, CVS.
Steve's book is a great reference on life cycle costing for facility managers. He illustrates concepts with many examples and case studies. Appendixes are chock-full of reference data.

Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control by Walter A. Shewhart, Ph.D.
Shewhart's 1939 book is the conceptual basis for statistical control and the whole discipline of Total Quality Management as taught by W. Edwards Deming.

Hoshin Handbook, Second Edition by Pete Babich.
This is a terrific reference on the hoshin kanri planning method, widely accepted in Japan since 1975. The most popular English translation for hoshin kanri is "policy deployment."

Understanding Statistical Process Control, Second Edition, by Donald J. Wheeler and David S. Chambers.
This is the SPC textbook to have on your shelf for ready reference.

Total Quality Project Management for the Design Firm by Frank A. Stasiakowski, AIA, and David Burstein, PE.
Facility managers will find in this book of great value in defining how all those architectural / engineering firms badgering you for your business ought to be practicing TQ(P)M.

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