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Kirkwood & Associates, LLC is the facility management consulting practice of Dennis M. Kirkwood, FHFI. We help institutional clients in healthcare and higher education to improve the performance of their facility assets.

We do this by:

- assisting clients to develop long-term facility strategies and asset management programs

- providing specialized facility development project services

- and consulting on facility management:

Kirkwood & Associates, LLC operates on the following principles:

 Independence As a solo consulting practice we enjoy professional independence and offer you the benefit of fees that are not burdened with high overhead.
Collaboration  In nearly all of our engagements we team with other professional firms to meet your specific needs. Our extensive collaborative relationships allow us to bring exactly the right talent to your assignment.
Client Perspective  Our lengthy experience as a working facility manager allows us to see facilities problems and issues from your perspective. We have "lived" many of the problems you face and use that experience to shape our approach.
Client Participation  We prefer to work within the existing management structure of the client's facility management department. When client staff can participate we find that our fees are held to a minimum and client buy-in is more readily achieved at all levels.

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